Architecture of The Mind 2017-2018

“Home is where one starts from"…

— T.S. Eliot

Architecture of The Mind is a series of works that are a continuous exploration of the physical, emotional and geographical memories of home, its influence in the construction of the human mind and in the formation of my own identity.

By the age of 21, I had lived in 22 houses. My father would design, build and sell the homes we inhabited, which meant we were constantly on the move. Not having a particular home to relate to, my memories are more connected with the conception of domestic spaces than to a particular place. This absence of a territory of birth, provenance and emotional stability, made me think of my body as the ultimate territory where memories are constructed and housed.

For this series, I begin from a black and white photograph of a woman’s head  which I manually intervene with cut up fabrics, sheets, linens and curtains. These materials relate to the intimacy of the home, and were a constant reference carried and re-purposed from place to place. These collaged “blueprints” are inspired by the textile designs of the women of the Bauhaus, and its construction is guided by the materials’ intrinsic tangibility.

Through these works I aim to re-map and re-create those spaces, repositories of memories, real or imaginary, as in re-tracing one’s root and origin, one’s history and the fundamentals of the construction of identity.