amalia Caputo + marina Font

Instacorrespondences is an ongoing Instagram based photographic project established by Caputo + Font since August 2013.

It intends to explore the possibility to build, through a photo social media platform, such as Instagram, a visual dialogue in the age of immediacy and hyper-connectivity. Re-thinking the almost disappeared post-card, the written note or the slow mail letter, we establish an immediate communication device on line and intend to find correspondences between the small, daily captures that we choose to reveal to the media. Aware of the constant bombarding of images that the world is facing, Instacorrespondences places itself between the romanticized decisive moment of photography and the technological immediacy of internet, crossing the bridge between public and private and questioning as well the role of mobile device driven images in the realm of art.

The nature of this project continues to remove and add images, and establishes an ongoing stream of thought, the overlapping capacity of memory to re-construct stories.