Procesos Internos 2008-09

Although I think of myself as a photographer, working with mixed media has found its way into my work. Incorporating new materials has helped me create a new imagery that liberates me from the confinements of more traditional photography. This new creative process allows each of my works to develop gradually, at their own pace, with their own rhythm. Each piece is a result of an internal process initiated by a particular event and shaped by the coexistence of emotions, feelings, reason and perception.

This body of work was inspired by a particular period of struggle in a woman’s life with ongoing breast cancer, but its other stimuli also reside in the connection I have with different women that were close and influential to me throughout my life (a past that is sometimes blurred by time or repressed in the unconscious), and ultimately, to the connection I have made with my own self.

The work is about the constant search over the years for a woman’s true identity and the dichotomy between the physical and the spiritual. These pieces reflect over the present and an uncertain future, they speak about the struggles of life and the path of death and the search for enlightenment.